Confessions of an Absent Blogger

My last post took place during the Super Bowl. Yes–yes I know. A new football season is upon us and it’s been that long since I blogged–but a lot has happened. After the big game, there was a perfect storm of activity. I was promoted to Manager of Children’s services at my job. This was a very exciting and big step. Still responsible for PR activities at my library, I needed to produce our spring/summer newsletter. Now manager of Children’s Services, I needed to plan and prep for summer reading. I was also taking a grant writing class at the time–and I moved apartments.

When work gets going, I hunker down and focus. I was able to manage all of the things I mentioned above, but blogging would have been stressful. So I left it behind for a few months. For some people, blogging is their job. For other’s it’s a more leisurely outlet (even if it’s related to their work). I write this blog to document my journey through the library. While I could have come home every night for the past several months and blogged about my work and my day–it wouldn’t have been productive for me. I love looking back now, after summer reading, after producing another newsletter–and saying “Hey, I made it…and I love my job…and I like blogging too.”

Since I went to work with my Aunt Julie one day when I was 10, I’ve wanted to manage people one day. It wasn’t all glamour, we ran out of gas on the freeway–but I could see that she was respected, fair and good at what she did/does. Everyday I try to learn something new about being a manager–and I draw on the example of great managers that I’ve had. My biggest lesson so far is that managing is an outward, positive focus toward the team.

One last confession, my husband and I are expecting our first baby in December! I’m excited to see how my library journey evolves in this next chapter.


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  1. Rebecca

    I’m so proud of you! Good for us, following what we love. We rock!

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