Book Bowl

imageLeading up to Sunday’s “big game” I knew there was no way I would be able to sit through such a long contest without a horse in the race. I like football, but two teams I don’t care about can’t hold my attention for long. Still, I look forward to the commercials every year and my hubby and I had a nice assortment of Trader Joe’s snacks.

I decided to spend time between commercials reading a stack of picture books I’ve been neglecting. To make things even more exciting, I chose to live Tweet a short review for each title.

Check out my Tweet reviews: 

  • Reading picture books while I watch the game. #bookbowl
  • Book 1 of #bookbowl | My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall. 4 stars. Using it for storytime this week.
  • Book 2 of #bookbowl | Fire Engine Man by Andrea Zimmerman. 3 stars.
  • Book 3 of #bookbowl | Red Sled by Lita Judge. 5 stars. Almost wordless, but I’d love to work it into storytime this week.
  • Book 4 of #bookbowl | Byron Barton’s telling of The Little Red Hen. 4 stars. This has been a fave since I was a kid. Using for storytime.
  • My #bookbowl selections for the second half are about bears. I feel like there’s a Rex Grossman joke in there somewhere.
  • Book 5 of #bookbowl | About a Bear by Holly Surplice. 4 stars.
  • Book 6 of #bookbowl | No Bears by Meg McKinlay. 4 stars. Can’t wait for a good opportunity to use it in a storytime.
  • Book 7 of #bookbowl | Bear Has a Story to Tell by Philip C. Stead. 4 stars. Will be great for a late fall or early winter storytime.
  • Book 8 of #bookbowl | The Bear in the Book by Kate Banks. 2 stars. Well done but not my thing.
  • Book 9 of #bookbowl | Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson. 5 stars. Super cute w/cool pics. Great for class & camp visits to the library.

My favorite book of the night was Red Sled by Lita Judge. It’s almost wordless but tells a really fun story with great illustrations. It’s a new winter favorite for me.

I’m planning to resurrect Book Bowl next year. It was a really cool way to pass time during the longest of football games–and cross some items off of my “to read” list!



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