Recommended Reading: The Girl Behind the Glass by Jane Kelley

The Zimmerman family flees New York City in search of a better school for their daughters: Selena (the oldest), Hannah and Anna (the twins). As Selena and Anna make friends at their new school, Hannah finds herself an outcast–and clings to the family’s home. The house on Hemlock Road is old, spooky and tainted by a storied past. The book’s mysterious narrator leads Hannah, and the reader, to that past by carefully weaving the story one thread at a time. It is only at the very end that we learn who our narrator is–and what happened in the house on Hemlock Road.

I enjoyed this book because Kelley respects the reader throughout. She explains just enough of the story for us to understand while avoiding over simplification. Characters explore complex emotions, and must take responsibility for their actions.  This book is perfect for middle grade readers, teens and adults who love a slightly spooky story. Readers will find themselves asking questions and drafting possible answers throughout the book making it a great book club read.


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