Recent Recommended Reads

I read and enjoy many more books than I can realistically blog about–for these books I am adding a “Recent Recommended Reads” section in the right column of my blog. These recommendations will be broken out into three broad sections: Picture Books, Children’s Chapter Books, and Young Adult Novels. I’ve included my classification guidelines below to be clear on what type of books will generally be included in each section.

Picture Books
While there are picture books out there for readers of all ages, the ones featured in this section of Recent Recommended Reads are likely to be appropriate for readers 0-7 years of age.

Children’s Chapter Books
In this section of Recent Recommended Reads I will feature chapter books (including standalone novels, series & graphic novels) targeted at readers ages 8-12.

Young Adult Novels
This section of Recent Recommended Reads will include books (standalone novels, series & graphic novels) that are intended for teenagers (13 and up). Keep in mind that books in this section could have content that some parents and educators feel is not appropriate for younger audiences.

Since I will not be writing full blog posts on my Recent Recommended Reads you may have questions about a book’s content, plot, target age group, reading level etc. Feel free to visit StorySnoops, WorldCat or NoveList K-8 Plus for more information.


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  1. Joe

    You are awesome. And I love you.

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